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5 Notable Lessons To Learn From R. Kelly’s Downfall



R. Kelly on Wednesday June 29, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. This follows his conviction last year on federal racketeering and sex trafficking charges.

A lot of 90’s kids grew up on a religious staple of R. Kelly’s music – I Believe I Can Fly, I Wish, Ignition, I’m Your Angel.

He was a lyrical and vocal genius. Easy to love – at first. He’d come across in interviews as charismatic, funny, deeply caring – ‘hard not to like him’

Except, the star R. Kelly fans loved and adored had a darker side. He had a fetish for underage girls. It has ultimately led to his crash from R&B legend status, to total shame.

R.Kelly’s current situation is a product of choices, decisions he made years ago, the people he surrounded himself with, and his lifestyle.

Musician R. Kelly was first arrested in 2002 and charged with 21 counts of child pornography. In 2008, a jury acquitted him.

Below are notable lessons to learn his downfall:

Train Your Kids Right

Like never before, we need to embrace the communal mode of parenting – we should really try to understand that we as a whole play a part in guaranteeing that this generation and the next turn out absolutely right. Kids need to fill in a protected and solid atmosphere, and this is a role that ought to be played by the entire community. By this, I mean both nuclear and extended family, school, religious gatherings, etc. We can never take the emotions, feelings and hormones away from children, but you can arm them with the information they need to navigate the world and perceive right from wrong. Ask yourself if beyond the whips and rods, you have created that environment where your child can tell you any and everything. Ask yourself if your child can find solace in your words or arms when they fall into trouble.

Look After Your Children

R. Kelly was abused from age 7-14, that shaped him. Someone close to him was his abuser – a family member. It was a full household, notwithstanding. R. Kelly grew up with 4 brothers and a sister. No one had noticed anything off. Not even his mother could tell that the kid was being molested. The tragic R. Kelly fiasco is faraway – halfway across the globe, or perhaps, could be happening right in your home. Right under your tight work schedules, night classes and your hangouts. Have you been paying attention to the teens in your household? Check on them. Abuse may be closer than you think. 

The Influentials Should Learn From This

The Influentials (Celebrities, Business Moguls, Politicians, etc) should learn from R. Kelly’s downfall. Be careful of how you use your stardom and power. You can escape in Nigeria due to a faulty system but not in advance climes. People in power lose their minds while thinking they are above the law. Having the resources to buy their way out of justice only prolongs and increases the potential depravity and when you crash and burn it will be for the whole world to see. May we never fall when we reach our dreams.

A Lesson For The Nigerian Government

The discrimination women face in the wake of systemic inequality being prevalent in Nigeria and the lack of implementation of necessary legal instruments that protect the female gender and give assurance of justice, make it harder for women to report cases of sexual assaults.

Perpetrators who are in positions of authority continue to use their influence to shield themselves from the law. With current campaigns against rape and other forms of sexual abuse in the country, states need to rise to the occasion and deal with it. If rapists are caught, tried, and jailed in time, it can serve as a form of deterrence to future offenders.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Be around people who have your best interest at heart and learn from them every day. You don’t need to be educated to be civilized. A well-documented research showed R. Kelly’s downfall was due to his lifestyle, not his disability (Dyslexia).

Hence, your limitation is not an excuse! Some of his managers, friends, family members, etc. who are now speaking up didn’t stop or caution him then because he was paying their bills. Currently, with the world against him and zero income, they flipped side and are now profiting from his secrets. If money is what keeps people around you, reassess your circle!

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Get To Know 10 Things Quavo Can’t Live Without




American rapper and songwriter Quavo talks to GQ about the ten things he can’t live without. From diamonds and jewelry to gadgets and even grills!

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6 Reasons To Use Wakanow Travel Agency For Your Summer Vacation




Booking with a travel agency like Wakanow might seem outdated to some but with the pace of life and our busy schedules it is actually a time saving, safe way to book your summer vacation.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use Wakanow for all your travel experiences this summer!

You Can Pay In Installments

Wakanow enables customers to book with a deposit and pay the balance in installments known as “Pay Small Small (PSS).” The travel payment plan allows you lock down great travel deals by making as little as 25% down payment of the total travel cost and paying the rest in convenient instalments. PSS also allows you to save as much as 150% by taking advantage of the ‘early bird’ fares, and spread your payment over a convenient period of time.

You Get A Chance To Win Free Flights

Wakanow rewards you with instant points every time you book or spend known as “WakaPoints.” It is the Wakanow loyalty program where passengers earn points which can be redeemed when booking from our website. You can use these points to get free flights.

You Can Speak To Them Directly

If there is a problem or it’s a complex booking, you can talk to the agency. If you prefer to speak on the phone you can always reach an expert via text or call.

You Get Expert Advice

You might find a great holiday deal online, book it but when you arrive you realise it is the raining season, too hot etc. Wakanow can tell you everything you need to know before you go and give you good advice so that you have a great time. Plus most travel agents love travel and are off somewhere new all the time so they can tell you about places they think you would enjoy if you need inspiration.

Better Experience

Wakanow Not Only Save You Money, They Deliver more Value for Your Vacation coins; The value you receive is bigger than what you paid. Cruise lines, luxury hotels, and many resorts get the majority of their customers through Travel Agencies and they reward the best ones with perks to share with you. Wakanow consistently get access to the best rooms, upgrades, and special features that are just not available in online databases.

Save You Time & Money

Looking online for a holiday getaway is time consuming; deciding where to go, researching what there is to do in the area and if it’s safe finding the right hotel, finding the right price – the list goes on. Visas, how to get to the airport, how to get to the hotel when you land, etc. It’s stressful! Wakanow will do all of this for you so you don’t actually have to lift a finger. 

The price you get is likely to be similar to what you could find yourself online, maybe a little bit higher if we are honest, but how many hours would you have spent looking?  If you factor in the cost of your time you are actually saving a fortune by booking with a travel agency!


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You Should Include The Kitchen’s Muse’ Chicken Pepper Soup Recipe On Your Dinner Menu This Weekend




This mouth-watering Chicken Pepper Soup recipe from The Kitchen Muse is a must-try. It is a hearty meal that is loaded with bold, spicy flavours. In this video, she shares a step-by-step process of making the meal.


1kg Chicken

Irish potatoes


Red and yellow habanero

Pepper soup spice

Crayfish powder


Chicken seasoning


Scent leaves


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