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BBNaija’s Prince & Nasty Blaq Display Their Dance Moves on “Izzy Dance Tutorials”



Big Brother Naija former housemate, Prince Nelson Enwerem and social media comedian, Nasty Blaq are displaying their Dance moves on the latest episode of “Izzy Dance Tutorials”. Although, we know these guys to be amazing dancers, let see how far they can impress us.

Izzy Odigie‘s dance show “Izzy Dance Tutorials” is a weekly fun series where Izzy Odigie breaks down dance moves with celebrity guests.

Watch the video below:

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Ten Times Instagram Influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa’s Contents Cracked Us Up




Enioluwa Adeoluwa is an Instagram influencer, content creator and budding marketing expert whose message-driven contents come with so much sense of humor and would leave you cracked up.

A bold voice in magnificence and fashion, Enioluwa is recognized for his unapologetic tips and glitz. As well as his honesty and unique humor.

Eni, who likes being called ‘Beauty Boy’ shows up on camera applying lip gloss and making relatable contents for his youthful followers—over a hundred thousand of them on his Instagram.

This youthful chap who is presently a masters student at a private university in Lagos has shown the true meaning of “Beauty and brains.” He delivers videos that are engaging and in many cases accompany punchlines to create his comic skits in English and Yoruba which add more zest to his videos.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa, a progressive beauty lover has downplayed the customary norm that beauty is a single direction controlled by just the females. For this reason, he has worked with various beauty brands and similarly shown that you don’t have to be from the opposite gender to glow.

Something fascinating about Enioluwa is the means by which he advocates for minority gatherings while making discussions about skincare, beauty and the possibility that as a man, you can feel free to look good!

Thus, expect more lip gloss entertaining contents, in Yoruba and English of course and more beauty videos from this talented youngster.

Click the link below to see ten times Enioluwa’s contents cracked us up.


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You Want To Be A Stand Up Comedian? Write This down!!!!




Stand up comedy in Nigeria is a big deal. Over the years, we have seen how the comedy industry has evolved into a multi million natural industry,and today it boast of being one of the most vibrant comedy industry in the world and one of the best in Africa.

Right from the days of a night of a thousand laugh till now, there have have been tremendous change seeing the caliber of comedian the industry has produced and still are still trooping in to show case their craft and talent. For those upcoming acts that are looking at storming the industry real soon, these are some few tips you should check out.

* Opening  

The opening of a stand-up routine is the first joke that a comedian performs on stage. This joke is critical for getting the audience to enjoy the show by encouraging them to start laughing.

* Bits or Jokes  

Comedians refer to their jokes as bits. All bits consist of a setup, punchline, and conclusion. Most funny jokes have endings that the audience doesn’t expect.

* Transitions  

Stand-up comedy sets consist of multiple jokes, so comedians have to develop transitions to help the set smoothly progress from one bit to the next with conversational bridges.

* Closing 

The closing used by a stand-up comic is just as vital as the opening. Giving the audience a solid close helps leave the audience with a positive impression. Closer jokes usually call back to bits made earlier in the show.

How to Write Stand-Up Comedy

Developing your stand-up set takes significant amounts of preparation and practice. Following these steps can help set beginners up for success during their first time on stage

* Study Successful Comics  

Every aspiring stand-up comedian should spend time studying other successful names in the industry. It is advantageous to compare the early acts of big-name comics to their recent performances. This practice allows you to see how they got better through the years.

Attending your local comedy club as an audience member is also a valuable experience. Study how the audience reacts to certain jokes to get a feel for the best way to deliver your set when it’s your turn to perform.

* Gather Material 

The best comedians draw material for their sets directly from their personal experiences. Start by writing down what you’ve learned from your own life and thinking about how other people can relate. No matter how small your idea, writing it down can help inspire you to find humor in new places.

Many of the best performers are the ones who share the most. Opening up about your personal life can make you seem more relatable and help others find humor in shared experiences.

* Write Jokes  

Approach joke writing like writing a story. Following a narrative arc can help the audience understand the bit and keep your set flowing.

In every joke you tell, you need to identify the characters, setting, and conflict. The bit’s punchline is the plot twist that takes the story’s conclusion somewhere different from what the audience expected.

Longer stories should include other funny moments or jab lines to keep the audience engaged. Plus, remember that good comedy primarily exists outside of your comfort zone, so continue to push limits.

* Create an Act  

After you’ve written your jokes, you’ll need to assemble them into sets. The duration and amount of sets in your performance will depend on the length of your show.

Choosing how to arrange your jokes can be challenging, but just follow whatever order seems the most natural. It may be tempting to tell as many jokes as possible, but remember to leave extra time for laughter. Having backup bits is critical in case the audience doesn’t respond to your initial strategy.

Don’t forget the importance of transitions. Writing a good link will help link your bits together into one solid performance.

* Develop and Open and Close  

Your opening and closing jokes are crucial aspects of any good stand-up comedy set. The opening sets the tone and introduces you to the audience, while the ending makes the biggest impression on what the audience remembers.

Keeping your best bits for last is a safe strategy to ensure that you end on a positive note. Reintroducing material from earlier parts of the show in the closing is also an excellent way to help your set feel more cohesive

* Practice In Front of Others  

You will never know how good your set is until you practice it in front of an audience. Rehearsing your routines in front of family and friends is an excellent way to gain confidence and benefit from honest feedback,

Practicing will also help you memorize your routine faster and discover the best pacing for optimal delivery. You can also work on any aspects of your physical presence or gestures that may enhance joke delivery.

No matter how good you think your set is, you should always be open to changes. Treat your audience like your editor and edit according to their reactions.

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Bovi Talks About His Relationship with AY & New Movie “My Village People” on Rubbin’ Minds




On the latest episode of Rubbin’ Minds conversation with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, comedian Bovi Ugboma sat with the TV host, to discuss about his career in comedy, Nollywood- his new movie “My Village People“, about how his friendship with colleague AY Makun went sour and a lot more.

When asked how his relationship with fellow comedian AY Makun went sour, Bovi revealed,

“I think we just grew apart. I like to do my own thing my own way and if your style is different from my style we just grow apart basically but we cool. When I see him I say, ‘What’s up!” he said.

Ebuka asked the comedian to clarify the belief in some areas that comedians in Nigeria aren’t actually united.

He said: ”I don’t know…personally I don’t think everybody can like each other but one thing I know is they don’t necessarily hate each other. It is a tricky situation. As regards the shows, in the beginning, I use to do everybody’s show but now I want to do it the way it is internationally accepted.”

On how touring for stand up comedy has changed in recent times, Bovi says,

“different cities are opening up in the world now, but in Nigeria for example, we can’t do much because I like my full house. So I’m not about to do a show for a restricted number of people because comedy is so intimate, you need to actually bring people together to connect. So personally, until everything opens up again, I don’t think I’m going back.”

Among other things, the father of three discussed about his family and his #EndSARS inspired shirt he wore hosting Headies Awards 2021 which gave head turning stares from a lot of people.

Watch the interview below:


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