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Naughty WhatsApp Groups And Their Wahala



The proliferation of Naughty WhatsApp group in Nigeria is gradually beginning to pose as a problem in the society. These groups are usually created by an admin which in turn recruit members by adding them to the platform.

One unique characteristic of these groups is the way and manner in which their members are being recruited. There is usually a group specially created by the admins to interview a prospective member into the group. The essence of the interview is to properly acquint themselves with with whomever is about to come into the groups and also use that medium to sensitive about the rules and regulations that guides the group before adding he or she to the main group.

There is usually a fee to be paid if you a guy depending on the group though. These fees could come inform of cash or recharge cards to specific number of ladies present to welcome the male members into the group. It will amaze you to know the kind of persons you find on these groups. Married men are people you find more on this groups because of the secret Nature. They flood these groups to come pick on single ladies for sex for a particular fee . This is basically one of the characteristic of these groups. It’s usually a platform that promotes a level of prostitution. You also find gays, lesbians, Bi-sexual, single mothers who are looking for quick way to make money to cater for their kids, and then A bit of married women and more of younger ladies who get into these groups to find hook ups with married and single men and sometimes with lesbians all for money.

In some cases, the admin of the groups get a percentage from every sexual business that happens on the group which makes it more or less a syndicate for prostitution. They are in the know of most business transactions between a male member with a female members. They sometimes serves as a go-between a male female member and Their prospective sex partners. They provide them information about the person they about to go sleep with. The Information is usually on the grounds of if that male member is a go area or not , well in terms of money hence they will not proceed with the business.

Inasmuch as the groups are secretive, it has gotten Alot of male members especially the married ones in a lot of trouble with Their wives. Marriages has been destroyed because of these groups. Most times single ladies in serious relationship has lost their spouses because of these groups.

Just yesterday, a viral picture of a guy was circulating all around these groups. Accord to sources, the guy is fond of doing video calls with random ladies on these groups, he screen records Their conversation especially if it’s a nude chat,and uses it against them . One of his victim who is about to get married lost her would be husband to this madness. When the guy found out she was about to settle, he went to dig up their sex video chat and sent to the guy the lady is suppose to be married to. And the rest was history.

So all admins on these groups have been alerted by the activities of this guy and have placed measures to track him or avoid another him. How sad can it be for a lady to lose what she has built over time simply because of lack of contentment. The married folks also had worse as well because many times their pictures has been leaked and used to blackmail them for a Ransom. A particular NNPC staffs pictures was leaked during one of their Hangouts which they usually hold ones in every quarter of the year depending on the group. You will be amazed what happens on these Hangouts. All sorts of sexual activities happens their from Two some, three some and sometimes open sex where everyone will participate. To cut the long story short, the man almost lost his job and marriage if not for Divine intervention.

Regardless of all the craziness in the group, some persons have found love on these groups and ended up married. So you see it has it good and bad sides. But then the bad is more than the good. Just careful out there.


Almaplusblog Business Monday ( 10 Small Business You Can Start In Nigeria With Little Capital)




Due to the economy downturn that has spread over a good number of years in Nigeria, Nigerians began to look for ways to better their lots. Unemployment began to skyrocket and now on its all time high according to National Bureau of Statistics.

So the need to begin small scale and medium business took over and more people are beginning to see the profits of being self employed. There are still a good number of people stocked in the dilemma of what to do, so we taken the liberty to throw in some few small scale businesses that they might find interesting and start with little capital.

1)Cosmetics Production Business

If you love beauty, then going into the cosmetics business will be your best bet. For you to do well in this business in Nigeria, you will need to engage in some deep research.

Why is this important? This is because you will need to learn new things about the cosmetics industry that will keep you up to date, creative and innovative in business.

2)Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories


This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria today. With as little as N50,000 saved , you are good to go. While you will do well by renting space if you have the money, this business can also be done in mobile fashion i.e. by carrying your products to places they are needed.

In this case, you have to first identify your market and feed them with their needs. You can even partner with companies like this Samsung online store in Nigeria for easy market penetration.

3)Mobile Phone Repairs

This is a business idea that will fetch you good money if you are patient to learn how to repair and maintain mobile phones. With less than N50,000 you can start a phone repair and maintenance business in Nigeria.

All you need to start is a little training, a laptop, software tools, some regular home tools (screwdriver, soldering iron, brush, battery tester, etc.) and some marketing to let people know what you do. You will also need to develop good relationships with dealers of quality accessories. With as low as N5,000, you can purchase a repair kit from any eCommerce stores. Just make payment with your debit cards, and you’re ready for business.

4)Plantain Chips Production and Sales

You have seen it everywhere the delicious crunchy snack made from unripe plantain. Hawkers sell them along the highways. The catch is, you probably did not realize it is such a lucrative business in Nigeria.

You don’t need to be a UAC or Leventis Food to engage in the plantain chip business in Nigeria.

A small-scale plantain chip enterprise with an initial investment of fifty thousand is capable of returning N10,000 in profit daily. If you’re looking for business ideas in Nigeria with low capital, you should really consider this. It is a type of business you can start with 5,000 or even less.

You can start this right from your kitchen. Just place your brand name on the transparent nylon, and you’re good to go. You will need to get some coaching from someone already doing the business, learn some recipes and develop a supply chain both for your raw materials (plantain) and finished products.

5)Ice block Production and Sale

When you talk about small business ideas in Nigeria, ice block production comes to mind. Nigeria is located within the tropical climate region with an abundance of sunlight and heat.

Unfortunately, the electricity supply is very poor, making it difficult for homes to maintain adequate stock of cold water in their refrigerators. This is what makes ice block production a money-spinning business in Nigeria.

People require ice blocks to keep their water and drink cold. Your market includes households around your neighbourhood, retail shops, restaurants and bars that need to keep their drinks ice-cold at all times.

The good thing about this business is that you can kick off with the little you have. You need a deep freezer as well as a medium-sized generator and you’re all set. As you make money, you can scale up by acquiring an ice block making machine. So, looking for a small business to do? It could be this.

6)Car wash

The need for car wash will always be on the rise and anybody can do this business irrespective of age.

With a little more capital, you can start a car wash that appeals to upwardly mobile individuals by setting up a sitting area decorated with a TV set where your customers will sit while their cars are being washed.

You can make it a multiple income stream business if you have space by adding the sale of drinks, shawarma, etc at the sitting area.

The critical things needed for a car wash business is the space that can be rented, source of water and the washing machine.

7)Rental Services

People constantly need things that they do not possess. Some of the things you can start contracting out includes chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutleries, cooking utensils, music box, ladder, etc. Once you are known to be engaged in this business in your environment, you may not be able to meet demand.

If you have an interesting range of expensive gadgets or equipment, you might consider exploiting them for side income businesses hiring them out on hourly use basis. If the business gets going, you can add more items as you discover what people like renting. Prepare a leaflet, advertise in a local newspaper or use social media to announce your services.


If you can write or have the capacity to learn how to write, start a blog. Blogging is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. All you need is internet access, good research skill, an interest, and a laptop and a lot of time. Your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career is your time.

Also, since you would want people to find your blog posts without manually promoting it all the time, you would need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google or hire the services of an SEO Expert in Lagos.

Set up a free blog with WordPress or Wix or if you have some money, set up your blog on self-hosted server; populate your blog with quality content, get people to read your content (drive traffic), get their confidence and monetize your blog with Google AdSense, display advert, affiliate marketing or sell information products such as ebooks, etc.

9)Gym Business

Fitness has always been a source of concern, and Nigerians have also caught the bug. This is because of the high rate of cancer that continues to ravage people.

If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, then you can look towards starting a gym-related business in Nigeria. You will need to have enough finance to equip your gym centre.

10)Tomato Farming Business

Agriculture offers one of the best cash chain investment in Nigeria today. This business is rewarding, and at the same time, not expensive to start up.

However, before you start the tomatoes business in Nigeria, you’ll need to find out what type of tomatoes are in demand. This information can be gotten from those who supply seeds, as they will be able to inform you better on popular demand.

Also, they will let you know the varieties that are patronized best. You will also need to ensure that the seeds you finally pick will grow well.

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Prostitute, Runs Girl And call girls ( The Argument)




I wonder why this is even an argument in the first instance. Prostitute and runs girl are not the same? It beats my imagination to be honest. I have often bumped into this argument on this same subject and all I do is listen and watch With rapt attention even as the debators try really hard to press home their points convincingly.

So the typical and inquisitive me decided to do a little research to ascertain why is this even an argument at all, and so I embarked on a journey to find answers from some folks that ply this trades and I was able to come up With some tiny Winnie bits of answers.

But first, who is a prostitute? According to dictionary definition, a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment. Put differently, offer (someone) for sexual activity in exchange for payment. Hmmmm! Now if u notice in those definition, you see that there was never a time where it was mentioned that a prostitute has to be stationed or not to offer her services. So long there is an exchange for money for sex no matter the location is called prostitution.

I had to throw that in because this is usually the basis for this argument. Let’s switch it up a bit. In Nigeria, a sex worker is often referred to as Ashawo, and over time, the word was enshrined into our lingua franca the pidgin English and often code switched in a conversation.

Countries like Ghana and the Cameroon, also refer to sex worker or prostitutes as ashawo. But originally, ashawo is a Yoruba word for prostitutes. The proper word is “Ashe’wo” and not ashawo. It is a word from the Yoruba language, a tribe predominant in South West Nigeria. The word is used for prostitute or sex worker. It was derived originally from the practice of those workers giving change to their customers or johns after payment. Owo means money or payment, and those persons that consistently giving change in their trade were called that name because people would rather not call them by what they did exactly.

It’s mostly used as an insult in arguments and verbal fights and it’s what some Elderly Nigerian women call other women who are “skimply” dressed to shame them. And as time went by, the word evolved to words like Runs girl, olosho, ayangba, okpo just to mention a few. Now the argument began when some group of ladies who call themselves runs girl said that they shouldn’t be referred to as ashawo as prostitutes. And another group that refer to themselves as call girls simply don’t see themselves in the same category as the last two.

Now this is the argument proper. A runs girl refers basically to a girl who uses her body in exchange for other kinds of favors, mainly financial. .or  is any girl who is blatantly lazy or not content with her salary, income, allowance, because her personal income will not get her to her destination.

This group are of the believe that so long as they are not stationed in one place where they meet their clients then they are not an ashawo or prostitutes. And Oh, the olosho group are the ones that stand by street corners to wait for their clients and they can also offer their services at a corner where no eyes can pry. They also don’t like refferd to as Ashawo or prostitutes hmmm.

Next stop are the call girls whom often see themselves as the high class kind of sex worker. They offer services to high and important clients They cringe when they are called Ashawo. If you are not careful enough, you can get hurt if you call them that. So I took the liberty of visiting one brothel to get first hand response and I did. As I arrived at one of the brothels one evening, I went to sit at their bar and a tall beautiful lady approached me and she said “bros good evening. Make we go inside na. I go give you back and front o” she smiled rubbing her buttocks as she turned for me to have a view. I smiled and said “sit down let me buy you a drink ” she happily sat and we began to converse.

I was shocked by all what she said and warm reception. She said “bros all of us the same o. Weda you be runs girl abi olosho. Na the same work all of us de wey de stay hotel and the ones wey de stand for road or wey de go meet man, we be the same bros” Another response from a runs girl, she said “I am not a prostitute. Am just a hustler who uses what I have to get what I want””it’s not about money for me all the time, but there is usually an exchange for my body for something ” my last response was from a call girl whose response is almost similar to the runs girl but the difference is she said ” i don’t do anything less than a million or I might just decide to do less depending on my mood. But am not a prostitute or an ashawo ” hmm.

So you see the aguement as it stretches across different set or class of people with different views to their business or trade. The matter long aswear. But either way, the definition says it all. Where there is an exchange of money for sex be it man woman then the word prostitution has happened. Shalom.

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Blue Eye bead (The Myth And Beliefs)




Sometimes last year there was this huge demands for the use of a particular hand bead called “The Blue Eye Bead” it was crazy because at some point, Instagram was the platform that seem to be pushing the campaign and sales of this strange stones. At that time, There were a good number of cosmetologist and sex therapist who were involved in the sales of these stones.

A visit to their Instagram pages will give you a bird eye view of what am trying to say. There was a huge demand for the bead and those that have purchased it came on the page of these vendors to share their testimonies of the effectiveness of bead. This got me really curious and I decided to do a background check of the origin of this stones. But before then, I first encounter With the bead was on jumia. I went window shopping and then came across this beautiful bead that looks quite unique. It didn’t cross my head that there is alot to it than just being a bed.

Naturally, I am lover of hand beads especially the ones they call shambala. So when I saw the blue eye bead, I thought this must be a high quality hand bead and immediately I wanted one for myself because of the uniqueness. But then I noticed the price was on the high side and I chilled on it. So one fateful day, my girlfriend called and told me she got a hand bead for me knowing fully well am a sucker for beads. We met eventually that and behold, it was the Blue eye bead. I was like “oh okay ” and then she said “babe this a good-luck bead. Ensure you always wear it” I asked why reluctantly then she replied “because it is fortified” I laughed mocking what she said because it dosent make any sense. Fast forward to like say a month after, we were together somewhere and she got a call from someone asking her about the bead so I eavesdropped on the conversation and it triggered my interest about it. “Hmmm there must be something about this bead I don’t no” i whispered to myself. So I embarked on a journey to find out what this stones are all about and google was my next stop.

Google was kind enough to educate me about the myth and beliefs surrounding the beads aswell as the origin of the stones. Blye-eye beads, are traditional Anatolian beads used to ward off evil, similar to evil-eye traditions all over the world. The word “nazar” is derived from the Arabic word for “sight,” and is sometimes also referred to in Türkiye as a “Blue bead” or “mavi boncuk.”

Nazar beads do actually carry some meaning in Türkiye. “Nazar” is considered bad luck, or “evil,” and the bead helps ward off this evil according to many superstitions. If a person is complimented a lot, or is particularly attractive, or has a run of good luck, then it’s believed that anazar bead can help ward off the inevitable bad luck to follow.

But obviously in the modern era, they serve the equally important purpose of looking super cool and being some of the best souvenirs you’ll pick up on your trip to Türkiye! Here’s the top ten uses for the nazar bead design in Türkiye!

Naturally the stones are meant to ward off evil or bad luck from ones path but sex vendors in Nigeria seem to have a special one they term the fortified one and it’s quite expensive. fortified blue eye waist or hand bead has been intensely prayed on to provide protection,gives positive energy,it’s also for favour,good luck,and blessings.It also removes the evil eye from you. The blue eye wards away evil eye,brings good luck and attracts favor,It serves as protection to the person wearing it.

Just as it is often said, what comes with advantage, also comes with disadvantage aswell. The moment it comes on your wrist on waist, it must have to stay there until it has complete the reason why you got it in the first place. You don’t have to remove no matter what or there will be consequences. Paraventure the bead mysteriously disappeared from your hand or waist or if it cuts then it has complete it’s job do not fret.

My experience, my own disappeared from my wrist and my girlfriend woke up and discover that hers was off her wrist and was right beside her on the bed. According to the belief, it has complete it’s job for those that believes in the power and potency the beads possess. Like I said at the beginning of these article, If you visit the pages of these sex therapist on Instagram you will see various testimonies of different people that have used it and worked for them. No wonder the madness about it. For some, it’s just another fine fashion item which I kind of belong to that school of thought while some believe it’s for good luck and favours, I am 50% in that category as well.

In conclusion, depending on what you want to see it as it as. But I would say it’s a beautiful stone full of powers to bless whoever believes in it and it is also to adorn the waist, wrist and ankle all to enhance our fashion style.

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