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Nick Cannon Expecting Baby With Alyssa Scott Days After Welcoming Twins With Abby De La Rosa



After much gossipy tidbits about Nick Canon expecting baby number 7 with his WildNOut co-star and model Alyssa Scott, she has confirmed the news by posting a maternity photo of herself and Nick days after he welcomed twins with Abby De La Rosa.

Alyssa Scott shared this image in an Instagram post on Father’s Day, which held, Sunday, June 20. This post affirms the rumors that started a few weeks ago after Scott posted a maternity photo with her unborn child’s name in the inscription “Zen S. Cannon” which she has since taken off.

Alyssa is said to be expecting her baby soon, making it Nick’s 4th child in less than one year.

Nick Canon has children with Abby De La Rosa, Brittany Bell and Mariah Carey.

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Saweetie Is The Cover Girl For Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam




American rapper Saweetie is the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam latest issue and she looks stunning.

Saweetie who was styled by Wilford Lenov and shot by Jora Frantzis strikes fire poses in high fashion outfits.

In the magazine, the 28-year-old rapper spoke about her anticipated debut studio album ‘Pretty B*tch Music.’ She likewise shared advice on confidence for young girls. “Always be confident and self-respecting,” she said. “Do what you are passionate about non-stop, wherever you are. That makes life so much more fun.”

Saweetie opened up to the Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam about the self-doubt she experienced in her younger years, saying, “I doubted myself during my younger years. I always worry about what people think of me. Gradually, I didn’t care about it anymore. That’s when my mental health was much better.”

Saweetie took to IG to share photos from the shoot, posting the gorgeous cover shot along with other selects from the magazine.

Check them out:


Photo Assistant: Aimee Moreno Bringas
Stylist: Wilford Lenov @Wilfordlenov
Stylist Assistants: Kyle Hayes, Jasmine Melgar & Roxy Hernandez
Casting Director: Lam @lamwansum
Art Director: Linda Phung @lindaphungof ImageAsianProductions.
Producers: Vincent Tran @vincenttranartistry & Tunnel Production @Tunnelproductions
Executive Producer: Cory Couture Productions @corycoutureproductions with FTL Moda @ftlmoda

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TV’s Man of The Decade Ebuka On The Cover of SCHICK Magazine’s Summer Digital Cover




Host and TV’s man of the decade, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is on the cover of SCHICK Magazine‘s summer digital cover.

As usual, Ebuka looks fantastic in the cover photos. His entire outfits were rightly styled all thanks to Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe aka The Style Infidel and photographer Emmanuel Oyeleeke.

Ebuka who has done so much for himself and has a massive fan base, not just for his amazing hosting but also his style speaks about about his career in the entertainment industry, his childhood, family and journey so far in his conversation with SCHICK.

Ebuka spoke about his journey into the entertainment scene and how he got into the Big Brother Naija house in 2006.

He said, “I wasn’t really excited by the Law practice at the time. I wanted to study for a Masters abroad, then I saw an ad for this show with a $100,000 prize and that was all I needed. I really had no plans to go into the media or entertainment industry; I just wanted to win the money and disappear!”

Ebuka continued, “When I got evicted and saw the crowd outside screaming my name, I was like, wait, you mean this show is popular? I almost ran back into the House to re-strategise! It was a very eye-opening experience for me, but I was now also thrown into this world I knew nothing about; fame. I had to figure out how to make a life out of it.”

On how much his parents supported his career path:

The amazing thing is that [my parents] never ever told me what to study, nor did they ever try to stop me from pursuing a career in media. Were they skeptical about it? Of course. For a while, my dad would send me vacancies at traditional jobs to apply to, even when he knew I was doing okay on TV. It was more subtle than blatant. But I think they’ve come around now and I’m always grateful for how non-interfering they were.

On his childhood:

I was the last child for a very long time and my siblings are much older than I am, so for a while, I was the only kid at home. My older brother and sister were away in boarding school and I was mostly home alone with the folks, which meant that I got all the attention. The downside to getting all the attention though, is that you also get all the discipline and tough love. But, it was still mostly happy times.

My parents were very deliberate with that. My siblings and I, for one, don’t have English names. Also, only Igbo was spoken at home because my parents believed that we would learn English at school anyway. I’m super grateful for that deep-rooted connection we got.

On values:

Self-worth is everything. My father is the epitome of carrying his head high and walking like he owns the world, whether he’s going through a tough time or not. It can be misread by people, but I’ve learned to carry it without any apologies. Confidence is such a powerful tool.



On how he met his wife Cynthia:

I met her on Twitter. We followed each other, DM’d a few times and then kept it moving.
The connection wasn’t instant, but over time I think I realised that, beyond how much of a happy person she is, our values aligned so strongly that an attraction started to form. It also helps that she has the biggest smile in the world and laughed a lot at things I said and vice versa. From the day we started talking seriously, I knew literally 2 months later that I wanted to marry her.

We talk about any and everything. Nothing is off-limits and that honestly helps. Knowing that, at the end of the day, you’re excited to go back home and tell your partner how your day went and hear theirs… it’s the ultimate connection for us – talking. It helps that we both like gist!… We’re evolving into a true partnership and I’m hoping it can only continue. Still, a long way to go.

On his Impeccable fashion sense:

I don’t mind it. I also don’t mind being known for being stylish; doesn’t harm me in any way. I just don’t want to be known only for that. I have a whole career with too many parts to simply be seen as ‘the fashion guy’ on Instagram. As long as people appreciate it, but also recognise it as one of my many parts, I’m good. Just don’t make it what I’m all about.

Read the full article below:



Digital Editor: @Kunmi_O
Creative Direction: @TitiAdesa
Photography: @EmmanuelOyeleke
Styling: @TheStyleInfidel
Wearing: @SenseOfHumourNG @DavidWej @KiingDaviids
Makeup: ⁣⁣@Zoraa_Makeup

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Everything You Need To Know So Far About The Big Brother Naija Season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’




The highly anticipated season 6 of the reality show Big Brother Naija has finally kicked off and this season is tagged, Shine Ya Eye!

There were two opening shows, the first night was all about the guys. We met all good looking eleven male housemates.

Keep scrolling to see them alongside a brief introduction of themselves according to Africa Magic.


Boma Akpore was raised by his single mother and grandmother. The 34-year-old grew up on the streets of Yaba in Lagos…


Adeoluwa Okusaga is originally from Lagos, a 28-year-old. Saga is currently based in Port Harcourt as an offshore engineer…


Yusuf Garba is a 29-year-old secondary school teacher and describes himself as a “soft-spoken, fun-loving, down to earth go-getter…”


Pere Egbi was born in Warri, Delta State, Pere was raised by a single mother and is the firstborn of two children…


Hazel Oyeze Onou describes himself as an open-minded “jolly good fellow” who likes to have fun…


Adeniyi Lawai is a 6’6 tall 33-year-old computer engineer from Oyo State. Though he was once in the running to be a professional basketball player…


Medical doctor Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo describes himself as “a polymath, perfectionist, creative genius, lover of art and poetic rap music…”


Paul Ephraim, a 29-year-old Lagos based musician and actor, believes the Big Brother Naija House will be the perfect opportunity to help boost his already fledgling career in the Nigerian entertainment industry….


Emmanuel Umoh, the first Nigerian to win the Mister Africa pageant. He hails from Akwa Ibom State, but currently resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where owns and runs a fitness centre and a unisex salon and spa…


Samuel Jacob Alifa is a 26-year-old amateur filmmaker and final year student at Ahmadu Bello University…


Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo is a Lagos based fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who describes himself as “a bad boy with a good heart…”

After a day wait and the suspense for the second day launch to meet the Big Brother Naija season 6 ladies, they came in hot-hot.


Writer and poet Angel Agnes Smith likes writing, watching movies and most importantly, sleeping…


Peace Ogor is a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Port Harcourt. Her burning passion for fashion and style inspired her to open her very own clothing store that continues to keep her busy…

Jackie B

Jackie Bent is a proud single mum and hard worker with a passion for life. She is an interior designer and a certified event and wedding planner and went to university in the UK where she had her son…


29-year-old mother of one, Tega Dominic is a business owner who loves dancing, travelling, DIY and photography…


Multi-faceted Arinola Olowoporoku is a 29-year-old feminist, millennial Pisces who was raised in a polygamous home in Lagos…


Maria Chike Agueze is a 29-year-old former air hostess, turned realtor who enjoys cooking, exercising, hiking, acting, and dancing…


Fashion model and up and coming actress Beatrice Agba Nwaji, is a 28-year-old single mother of a five-year-old boy…


Although she loves to meet new people, professional dancer Roseline Omokhoa Afije admits she doesn’t do well with people who talk too much…


Princess Francis is a 30-year-old e-hailing service driver and business owner. She lives in Abuja and enjoys cooking, travelling, and watching movies…


Tsakute Jonah is a 22-year-old extrovert and lover of books. She enjoys all types of music and speaks of herself as “an embodiment of art…”

27-year-old Anita Singh is an economist and fashion entrepreneur born and raised in Nigeria…


To launch the opening show of the Big Brother Naija season 6 ‘Shine Ya Eye’, trust the host with the most Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to appear in his best self. He donned in two outfits by popular fashion designer, Mai Atafo. The first ensemble was a white suit paired with a black shirt while the second was a Calabar traditional attire. Of course, Ebuka looked impeccable in them.

First Outfit

Second Outfit

For the second opening show of the Shine Ya Eye season, Ebuka’s first outfit was a white and black ensemble by David Wej, and his second outfit by Mai Atafo. You can’t fake this drip, Ebuka is a slay Lord!

First outfit

Second outfit

However, there’s a twist to the Big Brother Naija game this year.

Originally, the BBNaija housemates for each season should be 20. However, 22 housemates were announced to the surprise of the fans.

According to Biggie, there are two wildcards (more like fake contestants) that the housemates will have to recognize and identify in the Shine Ya Eye season on Sunday, August 1. On the off chance that they prevail with regards to distinguishing them, the wildcards get evicted. In the event the housemates fail to identify them, they stay in the house to compete for the cash alongside other housemates and will be given an exclusive power to nominate on Monday, August 2.

The Wildcards will be revealed to the fans in a special Diary Session which begins on Thursday by 3:00 pm.

Let’s take you on an exclusive tour of the Big Brother Naija season 6 house…

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