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Nse Ikpe-Etim, Sharon Ooja, Toke Makinwa, Segilola Ogidan & Joselyn Dumas From “Glamour Girls” Stun On ThisDay Style’s Latest Cover



The stars of the newly released PlayNetwork Studios “Glamour Girls” remake — Nse Ikpe-Etim, Sharon Ooja, Toke Makinwa, Segilola Ogidan & Joselyn Dumas look ravishing on the cover of ThisDay Style Magazine’s latest issue.

In this issue, they speak on what it means to be part of the remake of an iconic movie, how they tried to bring their characters to life and much more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Nse Ikpe-Etim on the most challenging part about bringing the script to life?

Every project has challenges because every new role comes with a new character one has to embody, and that is where challenges lie for me as an actress. Playing “Donna” was exceptionally challenging because “Glamour Girls” is a title that comes with nostalgia and big shoes to fill. Anyhoo, this is Glamour Girls in these times, and it is very humbling that I got to play “Mama Bear” Donna…

Sharon Ooja on the message in the film “Glamour Girls” connects with current events and what it seeks to address

Glamour girls addresses the fast life and the consequences that come with it. It addresses the fact that all that glitters isn’t gold and how hard work pays… a lot of people want things fast without working hard.

Segilola Ogidan on what shehates most about her character

I don’t hate her per se. She’s beautifully flawed, which is not necessarily her fault but due to her upbringing and the lack of love and attention shown to her by her parents and siblings. That said, I dislike some of her character flaws, particularly her lack of control over her life because she’s constantly drugged up.

Joselyn Dumas on what she loves about the character she played

Jemma’s heart. As I say, she’s the truth and the spice. She’s good to a fault; when she loves, she loves to bits. You see her strip off all sorts of emotions. We see her vulnerable moments, highs, lows and everything in between and through it all, staying strong amid her adversaries.*

Toke Makinwa on how it feels to be part of the project

I feel so honoured and extremely blessed to have been a part of such an epic movie. As we all know, Glamour girls is one of the movies that shaped Nollywood in the 90s. You can’t think of old Nollywood movies without mentioning Glamour girls because it was sensational. The remake in these present times will be even more sensational, and I get to play one of the lead characters too. I can’t wait for the world to watch this amazing project.

Read the full feature here.

Interview: @AzukaOgujiuba
Styling: @Dahmola
Photography: @Oluwatobbie
Hair: @QueenMaryshair
Make-up: @beautyandthebeholdermakeovers


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Sabrina & Idris Elba Are The Hot Couple On The Latest Cover of The Sunday Times Style This




Sabrina Dhowre Elba and Idris Elba recently released a gender-inclusive luxury skincare line tagged “S’ABLE Labs.”

Starring as the hot couple on the cover of The Sunday Times Style magazine’s latest issue, the duo discussed about their new skincare line Sable Labs and more.

Concerning the beauty brand S’ABLE which is ‘Elbas’ spelled backward, Somali Model, Sabrina explained that they were feeling disconnected from their community during the pandemic and began discussing self-care in a way they hadn’t really thought of before.

The brand is focusing on hyperpigmentation, easing inflammation, and improving skin health and well-being for all beings as stated on their Instagram.

See beautiful pictures of the couple below:



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Korty EO Is Black Girl Magic In The Latest Issue of Accelerate TV’s “The Cover”




Korty EO, born as Eniola Korty Olanrewaju is displaying black girl magic on the cover of Accelerate TV’s latest issue.


The Nigerian filmmaker, graphic designer, model, and artist, who is a native of Ibadan, Nigeria, had an interesting interview with the magazine.

Korty EO, 24, is popularly known for the entertaining YouTube videos she makes with celebrities and other people with a story to tell and according to her, she leaves no room for error when creating.

She talks about her personal life and the impact she intends to make in film-making as well as the effect she would like her stories to have on people.

When asked about the feelings she hopes to spread from her videos she says “I guess the primary thing would be like peace, but I also can’t dictate that, cos you can watch – some people say that they watch my videos they felt calm – they felt all in one video. So like, I want you to feel as much emotions as you can all in a positive way.”

Watch her video interview below:

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Daniel Kaluuya Is Essence Magazine’s Dapper Latest Issue Cover Star




Academy Award-winning Ugandan-British actor Daniel Kaluuya is serving looks and style on the latest cover issue of Essence Magazine.

Daniel Kaluuya speaks with filmmaker Jordan Peele about his anticipated movie, “Nope.”

The publication got the trailblazing talents together ahead of the release for a candid conversation about their unique relationship as actor and director—and the deliberateness that has made Kaluuya the star he is today.

“I’ve never told you this, but when you reached out to me and we had that Skype, I was really disillusioned with acting,” the Oscars and Golden Globes winner revealed to Peele. “I had stopped acting for like a year and a half. I checked out, because I was just like, this isn’t working. I wasn’t getting roles, because racism and all this kind of stuff — so you reaching out was like, ‘OK, I’m not crazy. It’s proper. It’s going to be all right.’”

Kaluuya also said that he has seen a difference between audiences in Britan and in the United States.

“It’s something I learned on the press run for Judas and the Black Messiah,” he said. “A lot of times people think I’m guarded, but I’m just new. I’m in a new country. Then, when I was being more open, people were talking to me about the interviews — and I’m like, Why are you talking about the interviews? They weren’t talking about the film.”

He continued, “In England, you don’t root for people the same way. In America, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s my guy. He’s got my perspective. Or she’s got my perspective. Cool, I’m rolling with them.’ In England, it’s about talent, and I think in America it’s about the character of a person.”

Read the full interview here

Creative Team:

Photographer: Erik Carter/ @erik_carter

Writer: Brande Victorian/ @be_vic

Fashion Stylist: Jason Rembert/@jasonrembert

Makeup: Jessica Smalls/ Forward Artists

@jessicasmalls @forwardartists

Barber: Trell Jones/ @iamtrelljones

Production: Fox and Leopard/ @fox.and.leopard

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