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Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In The Relationship



Partners who were all over each other at some point of the relationship have been known to fall so badly out of love to the point that a breakup becomes the end. Sadly, not all relationships will end well. Yet, breakups don’t occur unexpectedly. They are often preceded by a partner’s emotional withdrawal.

To choose how best to deal with the present circumstance, you first should be certain whether this apparent absence of interest is real or simply something you’ve developed in your mind. Realizing how to recognize the indications of losing interest in a relationship can assist clear with giving you clarity.

So if you have a partner and they are exhibiting the signs listed below, chances are that they have fallen out of love with you and no longer interested in the relationship.

They aren’t initiating plans anymore

When two people are dating or in a committed relationship, they look forward to spending quality time together. That’s why couples in happy, healthy relationships proactively make plans to be each other. After all the stress of work, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a date night with your partner.
Does your partner, who once jumped at the prospect of seeing you, doesn’t even seem interested in any plans that you make let alone initiating one? Do they cancel on you at the last minute?

There is always a delay in responding to your texts

One of the signs of losing interest in a relationship is when your partner becomes very lax about maintaining communication.
During the initial phases of your relationship, you both would text and call each other several times a day. It would be hard to get them to hang up and it seemed like you’d never run out of things to talk about. Does your SO’s behavior seem a bit cold now? Do they dodge your calls and texts and rarely calls back? It’s like they’re avoiding you and you can’t even pinpoint why.

The emotional intimacy is gone

In a relationship, emotional intimacy is more important than physical intimacy because it helps you connect with your partner at a deeper level. However, when that emotional connection seems to be fading away it is equivalent to a loss of connection in a relationship.
Is your partner is becoming more of a stranger to you? Not only do they not initiate conversations but also your attempts to get through to them are met with monosyllabic responses.

Your partner doesn’t pay attention

Imagine trying to have a conversation with your partner where you are the only one talking. You ask your partner questions and they give vague answers, conveying their lack of interest in engaging with you. It literally feels like you’re talking to a wall!
You may even notice that your partner isn’t paying attention to anything you’re saying because they’re glued to their phone, busy texting or checking their social media. It can leave you feeling like they’re constantly prioritizing other things over you.

Your partner doesn’t give you time anymore

No matter how busy you are, you need to always dedicate some part of your day to your partner. Spending quality time is one of the building blocks of a relationship that helps sustain the romance, intimacy, and a meaningful connection between romantic partners.
When your time together slips on their priority list, you can consider it a red flag that points to a dwindling interest in the relationship. It’s almost as if they have checked out emotionally and may well be waiting for the right moment to make their intentions of moving on be known to you.

It’s more about sex

How can you tell your partner is losing interest? Well, if you both no longer have those pillow talks or intimate conversations like you used to, it’s definitely a tell-tale sign. Nowadays, your relationship is just about sex. You have been reduced to a booty call, and the only time you have your partner’s interest and attention is when they’re looking to get some action.
Have you noticed them get dressed afterward and leave on some pretext or the other? Does the physical intimacy between you two no longer feel like lovemaking but a means to satisfy carnal needs? Don’t let it slide.

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Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Cost





We all have our makeup routine that we feel we’ll never stray away from. But what if your everyday routine is actually full of beauty blunders? Have no fear: we’re here to help! We took some time to write down the biggest makeup mistakes we’ve discovered over the years and explain why they may be throwing a wrench in your routine.
Here are our top 5 common makeup mistakes, and of course, how to avoid them.

I’ve been that woman. The one who watched one too many Youtube tutorials, scoffed at how evidently easy smoky eyes are to create and proceeded to resemble a sleep-deprived panda by the end of it. The thing about makeup is, a pro can make the trickiest of looks seem virtually effortless to pull off, but when the brush is actually in your hand, the real truth emerges. Which is, perfecting your makeup skills demands patience, practice and a whole lot of experience.

Applying Before Moisturizing

Dry skin is makeup’s worst enemy. Applying makeup directly to dry skin can cause flakiness, which makes it difficult to blend the product into the skin. Before applying any makeup, make sure your face is freshly cleansed and moisturized. A moisturizer that can double down as a primer is the best choice. To remedy your dry skin long term, make sure to exfoliate weekly!

Wrong Shade of Foundation

It’s a makeup mistake everyone has made at some point. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation will automatically give away that you are wearing makeup because your face won’t match the rest of your skin. When choosing a foundation, make sure to shade match by testing on your face rather than your arm for the most accurate results. It doesn’t hurt to buy two colors that seem close to your skin tone, and either choose the shade that looks best in natural daylight or keep both to mix-and-match as your skin-tone fluctuates throughout the seasons.

Using A Foundation Way Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

Using the wrong shade of foundation is one of the biggest makeup blunders frequently committed, one that makes your face look like it doesn’t belong to the rest of your body. Especially for Indian skin tones, a super-light foundation will make your face look ashy, and off-colour, leaving a grey cast on your makeup. An ill-suited foundation shade is also a huge barrier to a natural makeup appearance that we mostly tend to aim for as a work-appropriate look, and can also make your face seem way too over-done, despite your makeup intentions being the polar opposite.

Skipping Out On The Neck Entirely 

Yes, the purpose of make-up is to enhance your face, but a common makeup mistake is sticking to just that part and avoiding makeup application on the neck entirely. Your neck is the second most exposed part of your body after your face and also the one closest to it, and not matching the foundation base on your face with your neck can cause your face to look detached from what’s under the chin. It can also make your neck look like it’s older than your face, which is unsettling to just think of. Instead, apply the same coat of foundation, and blend appropriately.

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes For Ages 

Ladies, this is one of those makeup mistakes to avoid, that all of us have projected ourselves to at some point, before knowing better. Dirty makeup brushes can pave the way for a number of skin problems, and transfer dirt and bacteria onto your makeup products than to your face, and then back again to the product. Even if you make it a point to thoroughly clean your face before you apply your makeup, the accumulation of bacteria and germs on an unwashed makeup brush will lead to acne, breakouts and in some extreme cases, even viral illnesses. This is especially true in the case of a beauty blender used to apply foundation and other creamy makeup products since bacteria tend to thrive in moist environments. Make it a point to deep clean all your makeup brushes and tools every 7-10 days, and rinse your beauty blender after each use.

Applying heavy mascara on bottom lashes

When you swipe your mascara wand, do you give the same TLC to the top lashes as you do the bottom? If so, take it easier on the lower set, since Taylor says a heavy application will bring everyone’s attention to the wrinkles below your eyes. “Using mascara to accentuate the edges of the eyes can give your gaze extra expressiveness,” she says. “But no matter how small those wrinkles are, thick mascara will make them stand out. Just slightly add one coat to stay safe.”

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Vanessa Mdee’s Baby Shower Was All Shades of Amazing




Tanzanian singer and songwriter, Vanessa Mdee is really rocking the pregnancy glow and we can’t stop drooling.

From the big announcement to her millions of followers, Vanessa Mdee is slowing serving us goals!

The singer had her baby shower recently and it was nothing short of amazing. Vanessa’s fiancé Rotimi, a Nigerian-American actor and singer, family members and close friends were present to celebrate the special day with her.

Fun, laughter and good vibes are all we can see. The pictures say it all, take a look!


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Kemi Adetiba Is The Cover Star For Genevieve Magazine’s Latest Issue




Film maker Kemi Adetiba is the cover star for Genevieve Magazine’s latest issue. Kemi talks about her journey into making her Netflix original series “King Of Boys: Return Of The King.” She also spoke about how she and the entire crew did a great job in making the film a reality.

Nollywood star Jim Iyke was also featured in this issue. He spoke about his 20-year journey in the industry, tracking down trolls, giving himself space to grieve and more. Alongside, Anita Asuoha (Real Warri Pikin) who talks about her journey to healing, fans without boundaries and finding joy in giving joy!

Read the full article below

Photography – @kolaoshalusi
Direction/Styling – @sonia_irabor
MakeUp – @makeupbyadebukola
Hair – @abbeycrystalsignature
Cover Outfit – “Theatre” Two-Piece Top – @ladybeellionaire_luxury | Trousers – @atafo.official

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