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Reasons Why We Love Wizkid on His 31st Birthday



Wizkid our favorite afrobeat singer and multi award-winning artist is turning 31 today! Ahead of his birthday, the one and only Star boy kept busy by announcing his Made In Lagos tour in the United States and London. And while he’s been off getting things done for his massive MILTour, over here, we couldn’t help but think about all the reasons why we fell for the “Holla At Your Boy” crooner in the first place. Behold, a list of reasons why we love Wizkid, in honor of his big 3-1.

Although, the die-hard members of Wizkid FC would be able to relate to this article but those who don’t know much about Wizkid, get ready to find out why we love this superstar. You just might fall in love too.

1. His dance moves are on point.

No too much talk, let these videos do the talking.

2. He’s incredibly body positive

We all know about Wizkid’s need to share topless photos. Truth be told, we constantly drool over them.

3. He has undeniable love for his fans

We can all relate to this. Whether you’ve been to Wizzy’s concerts, watch videos on Tv or on social media. You see how Wizkid cherishes his fans.

4. He is a superb dad

It is one thing to be great at your craft, it is another thing to be a great dad to your kids. Wizkid is both!

5. American singer Saweeti testified to the awesomeness of his “Made In Lagos” album

For her, it is the GOAT album! The singer admitted this during a live interview.

6. He has a lot of hometown pride

You’ll find it impossible to find someone who loves their hometown more than Wizkid loves his. Take a look at his hit song “Ojuelegba”, his album name “Made In Lagos.” Star Boy is always representing.

7. He his a private person

In as much as we would like to know more about Wizkid, we admit he does a great job being a private celebrity.

8. He always surprises us with new music

He dropped his Made In Lagos album overnight after a long time postponing. And then, he teases us with an upcoming project.

9. He is a big fan of Tony Elumelu, chairman of UBA bank

Wizkid refers to him as his mentor. For real, this is the type of mentoring we love.

10. Wizkid collaborates with A list international artists

Like Beyoncé, Drake, H.E.R, Akon, and more.

11. Wizkid knows the assignment and delivers it well

The time he sold out a 20,000 O2 Arena for his concert in 2018 in the United Kingdom. Another event which made Wizkid solidify his position on this list was his sold-out concert the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ in London.
Just so you know, there is a day set aside in Minnesota for Wizkid because the last time he performed there, he had a sold-out concert at the Skyway Theater.

12. Supermodel, Noami Campbell is a die hard fan

Ever since he hit the runway with fashion icon and model, Naomi Campbell for Dolce and Gabbana in 2018, the supermodel never fails to acknowledge Wizkid in his comment sections and support him.

13. He has an impressive dress sense

Take a look at his Instagram photos, Wizkid is a big dresser to say the least.

14. He is mentor to young and upcoming artists

It is extra clear why anyone would want to look up to Wizzy, I mean take a look at his achievements in the past years!

15. A supporter to younger artists

We rise by lifting others up and that’s what Wizkid is for. Not just a supporting system to young artists but likewise the older ones.

16. He has a great personality

Anyone who has been around Wizkid would concur to this. The Grammy award-winning artist indeed has a great personality.

17. He gives his fans major hits

If there’s anything we love the most about Wizkid, it has to be this!

Wizkid born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is no doubt one of Nigeria’s greatest music artists.
He has not just made a name on the world map as one of the best music stars to emerge from Africa however, it is sure that he isn’t far from breaking more boundaries.

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French Montana Graces The Cover of Rolling Stone Korea




American hip hop artist, Karim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone Korea alongside singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon).

The magazine contains stories about Rain and French Montana‘s genuine music and lifeview.

In addition to Rain and French Montana, the stories of domestic and foreign artists such as Girls of the Month, ATIZ, Wonho, Cypher, Sean (SHAUN), Jackson Sim, Lee Ju Yeon, and DayRained Geta & Morton can also be found in Rolling Stone Korea

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Watch New Vlog of Erica Nlewedim & Tolani Baj’s Fun Experience In Nairobi, Kenya




What’s life without a vacation? It gets even more interesting in the event that you’re going with your person! And that’s why Big Brother Naija Lockdown stars Erica Nlewedim and Tolani Baj went on a trip to Nairobi, Kenya having the most fun experience ever.

Tbaj has giving her fans the opportunity to explore those moments with herself and Erica in her new Vlog.

Watch the video below:

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Smart Hacks To Start Up Your Business




Starting up a business is not an easy undertaking. In fact, taking care of a business turns out to be progressively harder with time as it goes further. Indeed, even a little beginning achievement becomes hard to keep up with. The issue emerges on the grounds that each business has numerous perspectives that need most extreme consideration. You would need to manage your organization’s labor force, track their exercises, make them more useful, guarantee result-oriented marketing strategy, and numerous viewpoints are pivotal to maintaining a business effectively.

Entrepreneurs of start up business usually aim at a faster growth. They feel they need to have a sizable piece of the pie and outcompete with their adversaries. All things considered, in their energy to outfox everybody, large numbers of them burn through their time and cash on strategies that turn out just for a brief period. While keeping the basics, you can follow these smart hacks to help you start up your business effectively.

1. Put in energy & time

Starting your business is not for the faint-hearted, talk more of running and growing it. Your business will not build itself. Try not to anticipate that miracles would occur without any forethought.

Stay faithful to your commitments— work hard, under-promise, over-deliver, promote your company everywhere on and off social media and develop an intensive marketing campaign prior to launching your business.

2. Budget like a pro

Money issues happen when you are spending excessively, in light of the fact that you are not getting debt holders to pay you, or that your your business is not bringing in cash.

While starting up your business, draw up and adhere to a watertight financial plan, following every one of your expenses and income, and spend money wisely to forestall these problems.

3. Build a solid content on social media

The right content has an immense effect on how a business is seen on the web. Content has been viewed as an important aspect of a business for a long time, and there’s no indication of it evolving soon. As you are thinking of starting your business, likewise think about quality content strategy to draw in customers. While at that, do well to also develop a social media marketing strategy.

4. Have a powerful branding strategy

In every business, branding is important. It’s the key to be easily recognized by your audience. A powerful branding strategy can assist with conveying the message of your business to the right crowd successfully. Start up businesses should be able to understand the value of using consistent designs. Branding isn’t just your logo. Branding is also about the voice, colors and fonts. This additionally goes to investing on a modern and responsive website.

5. Think about long term plans

Try not to settle for simple transient achievements, I mean the short-term goals. Such quick outcomes might satisfy you. However, your business should have a drawn out long-term strategy for its development. This guarantees consistent outcomes for more years to come. Along these lines, ensure that you invest more energy planning greater goals.

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