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Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Covers Vogue Hong Kong’s July 2021 Issue



Tennis star, Naomi Osaka graced the cover of Hong Kong Vogue’s July 2021 digital issue. Naomi who has been all over social media regarding her Netflix documentary, which gives an intimate insight into her tennis career, is stirring things up even more over her look on the Vogue Hong Kong cover.

The 23-year-old clad in a properly athletic-themed white bustier bodysuit, matched with an oversized shirt by David Koma. Alongside, she wore a couple of gigantic shining studs formed like tennis rackets. Her hair which was fixed in braids was packed stylishly.

Naomi Osaka strikes powerful poses for the photoshoot ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where she would be representing Japan.

Addressing Vogue Hong Kong, she gave an insight on the struggles of playing Tennis.

“Tennis is a solo sport, you cannot rely on a teammate when you’re having an off day. It’s about trusting yourself and the work you put in prior to the match.”

“You may lose more than you win, be told ‘no’ more than ‘yes’. But if you stay the path and put in the work you can be the best version of yourself,” she ended.

In June, Osaka pulled out from the French Open, declining to partake in interviews, in the wake of focusing on her mental health. She will address her emotional wellness battles in her Netflix documentary “Naomi Osaka” which premiered on Friday, July 16, 2021.


Photographer: AB+DM@The Only Agency
Stylist: Law Roach@The Only Agency
CGI Artist: Fergus Yip
Makeup Artist: Autumn Moultrie
Hair Stylist: Marty Harper
Casting Director: Jill Demling

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Almaplusblog Style Icons of The Week— Stephanie Coker, Alex Unusual, Powede Awujo & Others




It is a well known fact that there are countless of beautiful celebrities out there. For a vast majority of them, their styles are their cash creators, so it’s an easy decision that these alluring actresses, influencers, fashionistas and Tv personalities are remarkably appealing.

Let’s face it, there are a great deal of style icons on Instagram, however who are the ones that interests you the most? Obviously, that rundown is ceaseless – there have been a ton of stylish celebrities.

It’s no news that the fashion world keeps evolving and fashionistas are changing the status quo, are one Stephanie Coker, Alex Unusual, Powede Awujo of those people.

Keep scrolling to see Almaplusblog style icons of the week…

Powede Awujo

Alex Unusual

Stephanie Coker


Nancy Isime


Yemi Alade

Mimi Yina “Medlinboss”

Omowunmi Dada

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TV’s Man of The Decade Ebuka On The Cover of SCHICK Magazine’s Summer Digital Cover




Host and TV’s man of the decade, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is on the cover of SCHICK Magazine‘s summer digital cover.

As usual, Ebuka looks fantastic in the cover photos. His entire outfits were rightly styled all thanks to Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe aka The Style Infidel and photographer Emmanuel Oyeleeke.

Ebuka who has done so much for himself and has a massive fan base, not just for his amazing hosting but also his style speaks about about his career in the entertainment industry, his childhood, family and journey so far in his conversation with SCHICK.

Ebuka spoke about his journey into the entertainment scene and how he got into the Big Brother Naija house in 2006.

He said, “I wasn’t really excited by the Law practice at the time. I wanted to study for a Masters abroad, then I saw an ad for this show with a $100,000 prize and that was all I needed. I really had no plans to go into the media or entertainment industry; I just wanted to win the money and disappear!”

Ebuka continued, “When I got evicted and saw the crowd outside screaming my name, I was like, wait, you mean this show is popular? I almost ran back into the House to re-strategise! It was a very eye-opening experience for me, but I was now also thrown into this world I knew nothing about; fame. I had to figure out how to make a life out of it.”

On how much his parents supported his career path:

The amazing thing is that [my parents] never ever told me what to study, nor did they ever try to stop me from pursuing a career in media. Were they skeptical about it? Of course. For a while, my dad would send me vacancies at traditional jobs to apply to, even when he knew I was doing okay on TV. It was more subtle than blatant. But I think they’ve come around now and I’m always grateful for how non-interfering they were.

On his childhood:

I was the last child for a very long time and my siblings are much older than I am, so for a while, I was the only kid at home. My older brother and sister were away in boarding school and I was mostly home alone with the folks, which meant that I got all the attention. The downside to getting all the attention though, is that you also get all the discipline and tough love. But, it was still mostly happy times.

My parents were very deliberate with that. My siblings and I, for one, don’t have English names. Also, only Igbo was spoken at home because my parents believed that we would learn English at school anyway. I’m super grateful for that deep-rooted connection we got.

On values:

Self-worth is everything. My father is the epitome of carrying his head high and walking like he owns the world, whether he’s going through a tough time or not. It can be misread by people, but I’ve learned to carry it without any apologies. Confidence is such a powerful tool.



On how he met his wife Cynthia:

I met her on Twitter. We followed each other, DM’d a few times and then kept it moving.
The connection wasn’t instant, but over time I think I realised that, beyond how much of a happy person she is, our values aligned so strongly that an attraction started to form. It also helps that she has the biggest smile in the world and laughed a lot at things I said and vice versa. From the day we started talking seriously, I knew literally 2 months later that I wanted to marry her.

We talk about any and everything. Nothing is off-limits and that honestly helps. Knowing that, at the end of the day, you’re excited to go back home and tell your partner how your day went and hear theirs… it’s the ultimate connection for us – talking. It helps that we both like gist!… We’re evolving into a true partnership and I’m hoping it can only continue. Still, a long way to go.

On his Impeccable fashion sense:

I don’t mind it. I also don’t mind being known for being stylish; doesn’t harm me in any way. I just don’t want to be known only for that. I have a whole career with too many parts to simply be seen as ‘the fashion guy’ on Instagram. As long as people appreciate it, but also recognise it as one of my many parts, I’m good. Just don’t make it what I’m all about.

Read the full article below:



Digital Editor: @Kunmi_O
Creative Direction: @TitiAdesa
Photography: @EmmanuelOyeleke
Styling: @TheStyleInfidel
Wearing: @SenseOfHumourNG @DavidWej @KiingDaviids
Makeup: ⁣⁣@Zoraa_Makeup

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Who Wore It Better? Tacha And Vee Dripping In 2207 By Tbally




This edition of Who Wore It Better features two gorgeous reality stars, Tacha and Vee both dripping in suit gowns from 2207 By Tbally.

To be frank, even celebrities aren’t immune to wearing the same outfits as each other. In fact, others seem to actively embrace the twinning moments with their full chest by posting photos on the gram looking stunning in their own way!

Both ladies kicked the flashy fit off in similar ways, Tacha in silver heels and blonde straight hairdo, while Vee rocked hers with statement studs to match the extras on her dress and teamed it with an effortless black straight hair. Although, Vee’s gown has gold linens styled at the side while Tacha has none.

These gorgeous women made a bolder statement with their face beats and model-like postures.

For quite a long time, suits were held for men. In any case, throughout the long term, an ever increasing number of female celebrities have been venturing out in suits. Incredibly, to add more glitz to the ensemble, fashion designers and stylists started the suit gown trend and presently VIPs and commoners are shaking it up in the outfit.

Two bombshells, one piece of an amazing dress from 2207 by Tbally. Tacha and Vee each added their own flair to this suit gowns.

Keep scrolling to see their looks:

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