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The Beauty And Serenity Of Mambilla



The Beauty And Serenity Of Mabilla

Are you surprised to see that Nigeria posses a very natural and beautiful place such as this?

The views from this place remind you of the ones in places like the countryside settlements in Europe. Well, this is not Europe nor America, this Nigeria and the place is called Mambilla.

The Mambilla Plateau is a plateau in the Taraba State of Nigeria. The plateau is Nigeria’s northern continuation of the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon.

The Mambilla Plateau has an average elevation of about 1,600 metres (5,249 ft) above sea level, making it the highest plateau in Nigeria. [1] Some of its villages are situated on hills that must be at least 1,828 metres (5,997 ft) high above sea level.

Some mountains on the plateau and around it are over 2,000 metres (6,562 ft) high, like the
Chappal Waddi (more appropriate name: Gang) mountain which has an average height of about 2,419 metres (7,936 ft) above sea level.

It is the highest mountain in Nigeria[3] and the highest mountain in West Africa if Cameroon’s mountains, such as Mount Cameroon , are excluded.
The Mambilla Plateau measures about 96 km (60 mi) along its curved length; it is 40 km (25 mi) wide and is bounded by an escarpment that is about 900 m (2,953 ft) high in some places.

The plateau covers an area of over 9,389 square kilometres (3,625 sq mi). [5] Gang (‘Chappal Waddi’) Mountain is found at the northeastern flank of the Plateau.


The Mambilla Plateau, somewhat to the north of the cradle of the Bantu-speaking peoples (Zeitlyn & Connell, 2003; Griffith, 2007; Martin, 2009), and continuously inhabited for over four millennia by a developing Mambillobantu culture, is found in the southeastern part of Taraba State of Nigeria under Sardauna local government area

(the former Mambilla District set up in January 1940, which became known as ‘Mambilla Local Authority’ of Mambilla Division in 1970, and then as ‘Mambilla Local Government Area’ in 1981).

The current ‘Sardauna’ title is believed to be an inappropriate cognomen for this historically famous spot in Africa, given that the combination of three local government areas in one, which was the tenuous basis for the new appellation, has since ceased to exist.

The false premise of a “sardauna” “discovering” the area is untenable since the entire former Northern Cameroon Province headquartered at Mubi has since reverted to the use of their various true names.

The people of the Mambilla Plateau are equally entitled to their ancient and historical identity and to be appropriately named, just as all other areas in the defunct “Sardauna” Province.

The name “Mambilla” is a derivative of the ancient name “Mamberre” which has been used for the Mambilla Plateau from ancient times and which concomitantly denotes its inhabitants.

The plateau has its south and eastern escarpments standing along the Cameroonian border, while the remainder of its giant northern escarpment and its western slope are in Nigeria.

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How To Dominate At Work: This Will Impress Your Employer




How To Dominate At Work: This Will Impress Your Employer

We all want a good job after school, to be great at it and excel after getting the position. Regardless of whether you need a raise or a promotion, or you are looking forward to your next quest for new employment, figuring out how to improve in what you do and add more abilities and expert accomplishments to your CV is basic to excelling. Regardless of whether you’ve just been employed or have years of experience in what you do, there are consistently approaches to be better and excel in your job role. Below are ideas you can use to dominate at work.

1. Know Your Organization’s Goal

What employees do wrong is working in a place for quite a long time without truly knowing or understanding their manager. This is a mistake they make in their professions.
What are your organization’s objectives? This is basic data for you to need to succeed. How does your job sway those objectives, and how would you be able to deal with have a greater amount of an effect? Ask employers and your colleagues for ideas.
Some questions like “who’s been promoted as of late, and what are the things they did to get the new role?” In the event that you don’t have a clue, ask them. You can gain from their accounts to and sort out how you can excel too.

2. Get familiar with Your Boss’ Likes and Dislikes

You don’t need to be the closest companion with your boss; truth be told, you don’t have to like your him/her. You ought to, nonetheless, know your boss. The better you comprehend what your manager esteems and different preferences, the better you can play out your responsibility to their assumptions and requests. At the point when you can play out your obligations in a manner that is satisfying to your boss, the more probable it is that your boss will remember you for it.

3. Be there for Your Team

Becoming a team player is something each representative should try to however it’s much harder than it sounds, to some extent since it’s so unclear. To dominate at work, you ought to know what being a team player at your place of work is. To begin, know what your team members like so you can share their way of thinking. They’ll appreciate you more when you follow up on those qualities or clarify sincerely when you don’t.

Attempt to put the group’s needs first, even to the detriment of your own sometimes. Base on your job this may mean remaining late to assist a partner or offering a change of shift to assist a colleague who has something urgent. In as much as this is a good soft skill to add to your CV, your colleagues will forever admire and respect you for it.

4. Possess a good attitude

Obviously, individuals like working with others who have a good demeanor. Mentalities can be infectious, and inspiration breeds energy. Be the colleague who spreads light in the workplace by having a positive attitude at work. Being a steady individual who attempts to light up your teammate’s day is in every case generally welcomed. Also, it can assist you in future and other work endeavors.

5. Acknowledge Feedback Gracefully

Probably the hardest thing for some individuals to learn is the way to deal with constructive criticism. Those who know about how to dominate at work realize that utilizing well-intentioned critiques can improve their work execution.

Indeed, a few managers are really nitpickers who need everything done as they would prefer, however, most supervisors are just giving criticism so you can play out your work better. Plan to fuse your manager’s useful analysis into how you play out your work. Truly focus on the not exactly certain parts of your work appraisals. This is your guide for how to dominate at work.

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Can Lagos Be This Organised (Throwback Picture Of Lagos 1963)




Can Lagos Be This Organised (Throwback Picture Of Lagos 1963)

This is a throwback Picture of Lagos in 1963. I have seen this picture over and over again until someone brought something unique on the picture to my attention.

If you look closely, you notice the orderliness of how the Nigerians in the picture comported themselves as they go
about their respective businesses.

The bridge in question is Carter bridge, though there is traffic on the bridge but you could almost see or feel there is some sense of orderliness as the cars try to make their way to their respective destinations.

Another unique thing about the picture is the pedestrian area where both pedestrian and bicycle riders move in together in the most fascinating orderliness I have ever seen in this country. Now the question is, what went wrong? Where did all that sense of orderliness fly to? In present time Lagos, you can hardly see this, maybe because everyone is trying to all get to Their destination so fast I guess.

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Interview Tips To Help You Get Your Dream Job




Interview Tips To Help You Get Your Dream Job

In any event, when you have gone on a greater number of interviews than you can check, job interviewing never appears to get any simpler. With each new employee screening, you are meeting new individuals, selling yourself and your abilities, and regularly getting an exhaustive round of questions about what you know or don’t have the foggiest idea about. Also, you need to stay upbeat and energetic through everything. This could be difficult, particularly when you’re being interviewed for a job you couldn’t want anything more than to get accepted for.

A little planning time can go far. The additional time you take ahead to prepare, the more relaxed you’ll feel during the interview.

Keep in mind, however, that a prospective interview meeting isn’t an exam: you don’t have to read for quite a long time. Instead, you simply need to do due industriousness in researching the organization, see precisely the thing they are searching for in a recently added team member, and guarantee that you’re ready to talk about your experience and what makes you an incredible fit for the work.

1. Study and Prepare

Audit the typical job interview questions employers ask and practice your answers. The ideal answers are those that are specific however concise, drawing on solid examples that feature your skills and back up your resume. Your answers ought to likewise underline the abilities that are generally essential to the business and applicable to the position. Make certain to audit the work posting, make a rundown of the necessities, and match them to your experience.

While it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the most intelligent answers, it’s similarly significant to listen carefully during your interview to guarantee your reactions give the questioner the data they are searching for. Additionally, have a rundown of your own questions to ask the employer ready. For you might be asked if you have any questions for the questioner. It is imperative to have at any rate a couple of inquiries arranged to exhibit your interest in the company. Else, you may seem to be apathetic, which could be a turn off for employing administrators.

2. Build up a Connection With the Interviewer

As well as demonstrating what you think about the organization, you ought to likewise attempt to build up an connection with your interviewer. Know the questioner’s name, and use it during the prospective employee meeting. You could get the name during introduction.

Eventually, building affinity and making a personal association with your interviewer can up your odds of getting employed. Individuals will in general recruit candidates they like and who is by all accounts a solid match for the company’s way of life. Here’s the means by which to get the recruiting supervisor on your side.

3. Do a proper research of the organization prior to the interview.

Get your work done and research the organization and the employer, so you are prepared for the inquiry question, “What do you think about this organization?” Of the off chance the question isn’t asked, you should attempt to state what you think about the organization. You can do this by tying what you’ve found about the company into your responses.

4. Prepare Ahead of Time

Try not to stand by until the last moment to pick out the right outfit for the interview, print additional duplicates of your resume, or discover a scratch pad and pen. Have one great meeting outfit prepared without having to worry about what to wear. Arranging out everything, from what shoes you will wear, to your hairdo, to the time you will leave home and how you’ll arrive, will give you enough time towards the beginning of the day, it can help diminish pursuit of employment nervousness.

5. Don’t be late

Be at the location before the interview starts Which implies five to ten minutes ahead of schedule. To avoid stories, drive to the meeting area early so you know precisely where you are going and what amount of time it will require to arrive. For some states with heavy gridlock like Lagos, leave home early so you can avoid the traffic Give yourself a couple of minutes to visit the bathroom, check your outfit, and make sure you’re calm.

6. Stay Calm

During the prospective job interview, by all chance, try to unwind and remain calm as could really be expected. Recollect that your body language says a lot about you as your responses to the questions.

Appropriate readiness will permit you to radiate your confidence level. While you respond, keep in touch with the questioner, Avoid cutting off the questioner no matter what, particularly when the individual is
asking the questions. Focus on the interviewer and If you need to pause for a minute to consider your answer, that is absolutely fine, and is a preferable alternative over beginning with different “ums” or “uhs.”

7. Follow-Up After the Interview

End your interview session with a thank you. In any case, continue to follow up with the job role after the interview repeating your interest in the position.

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