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The Cast of “King of Boys: The Return of The King” Covers ThisDay Style



Switching things up in their latest issue, ThisDay Style featured the lead Cast and Director of “King of Boys: The Return of the King”, Kemi Adetiba, Nse Ikpe Etim, Illbliss, Deyemi Okanlawon and Sola Sobowale.

These Nollywood stars share their experiences working on the most talked about movie and also discuss about personal details of their life on the of cover the magazine.

Check out excerpts from the magazine below:


How did you pitch KOB 2 to Netflix?

I actually didn’t. Based on how well KOB 1 did on their service and the fanfare our KOB ARMY (as I like to call them) created, Netflix approached me with the idea to collaborate on a second instalment.
I mean… It’s Netflix! (Laughter)
They took me to lunch on one of their visits to Nigeria. I was so nervous and I have to admit, I felt honoured that they asked to meet me one-on-one, saying they wanted to get to know me better. Then during lunch, that said they were interested in a sequel and asked if I was working on one.

As a director, what has been your proudest KOB moments?

When you come across people talking about your work on their own – dissecting it like art. Exchanging their favourite moments, and how it made them feel. Speaking about their connection to the project. It’s never about me. It’s always about the audience. And when I’m privy to witness these moments, where it seems the film or series has taken a life of its own, it makes my heart swell.

Sola Sobowale
Character – Eniola Salami

How did you feel when you heard the movie, King of Boys (KOB) was coming on Netflix?

I was happy because the world will get to see KOB back in action on such a huge platform as Netflix.

What should we expect from your character? Eniola Salami, the last we heard of her, she was in exile?

You should expect the unexpected. It’s as simple as that.
You play your role so well, is there any living influence you portrayed the character?
Funny enough, not at all. The script is so well written that I’m able to see myself in it.

How did you get the role of Eniola Salami?

Kemi invited me for lunch. After the food, she brought the script out, I looked at it, and we talked about it. Then I said “Aaah Kemi, this is big, this is huge. First of all, where are you getting this money from?” She said God will do it. I said okay. What’s my role? She said King of Boys. I looked at her and said, “Are you joking? Are you a gambler? You don’t know me Kemi. Why are you risking your life, your everything? Why do you believe so much in me that I’ll do this?” She said, “Aunty Sola,” you know she has a way of calling me and she said “Aunty Sola you’re going to do it, You’ve done it already.” I replied, “Okay, you believe in me? Give me the baton, let’s run!” The rest is story. Thank God.


Nse Ikpe- Etim
Character – JMK Randle

What was it like working on this project?

Every project is peculiar and different. This was certainly one of those that remains unforgettable. It came with its highs and lows, working through a pandemic and the EndSars unrest was difficult to navigate but somehow we stuck together and finished eventually. In all, it was a beautiful experience.

Being a new cast on KOB, what makes it unique?

KOB – “The Return of the King” can be said to be unique just because it’s the first event Netflix Original Series out of Nigeria and also being a different genre (Political Thriller) with absolutely no moments of comic relief and still holds its own regardless. It’s a completely different world.

Deyemi Okanlawon
Character – Adebola Fashina

What was it like working on this project?

It was very hard work but extremely fun. From working for the first time with Kemi Adetiba to playing alongside some of the most talented and most professional actors and crew members in this part of the world, an in addition Kemi using her “Unilag chic training” to tease all of us on social media, this is one movie production I’ll never forget.

What was it like playing your character in KOB?

When I first got the offer to play Adetola Fashina, l was terrified and wondered why Kemi was trying to set me up because this character was totally different from anything I’ve ever played. I was absolutely delighted and got the satisfaction of taking on the challenge to go deeper into untapped areas of my being to bring the character to life.

How would you describe Kemi Adetiba’s style of directing?

Kemi has a way of dragging out the best in you by fire by force, meanwhile, she’ll be pampering you and treating you almost like royalty so you won’t see what she’s doing. I call it 419 directing technique (Laughter).

What do you love most about your character?

Adetola Fashina is such a goofball, very quirky, one of those guys who was a nerd in school but with enough street/social smarts to get around. I hardly get the chance to play such a role and totally loved the experience.

Character – Odogwu Malay

What was it like working on this project?

Working on KOB  is a defining chapter in my career. An unforgettable experience and also my acting debut, filled with incredible memories

What was it like playing your character?

Playing Odogwu Malay was absolute fun. Malay is like an illBliss alter ego. I enjoyed being a gangstar from the streets, crime figure of Eastern descent, respected in the streets, incredible  sense of humour, unpredictable. Boss, leader and father, all mixed in one!

Based on the storyline, how do you think KOB mirrors the current reality in Nigeria?

The political intrigues inherent in the Nigerian political system was hugely exposed in KOB. Hugely satirical. It reflects the extent politicians go to stay in office and all the back end shenanigans.

Production/Styling/Interview: @azukaogujiuba
Photographer: @simipixel
Kemi Adetiba and Sola Sobowale
MakeUp: @demiwilliam
Hair: @amuzatfatimah
Nse Ikpe Etim
Hair – @Onaturalsbeauty
Makeup – @houseoftuns
Face Art: @mobongies_art
Elegant Victorian Dresses: @krisasimonye for @goodgirlcode
Gentlemen’s Costumes: @thinkifan
Adirè outfits & Accessories: @nikeartgallery
Shoot Location: @theviewlekki
Shoot Coordinator: @gypsyelvis

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Life Style

Slide Into a DM With These Simple Tricks





Sliding into someone’s DMs is no uncertainty an unnerving undertaking. Furthermore, in the event that you don’t have any acquaintance with them by any stretch of the imagination, or you ambiguously do however haven’t informed previously, at that point it tends to be considerably seriously overwhelming. How would you start a discussion? Will they believe you’re you aren’t weird?

Initiating a conversation via social media is an excessively simple and regular approach to become more acquainted with individuals. Furthermore, as large numbers in the world are presently at home under lockdown, dating over DMs is considerably more mainstream, with more individuals going to video dates and concocting innovative approaches to not screw up. Thus, don’t allow lockdown to stop you. On the off chance that you’ve been needing to DM someone for a long time yet don’t have a clue how, this is what to do:

1. Go directly to the point

Establish a decent first connection, don’t be unpleasant, don’t avoid the real issue. Irregular messages from a person as of now excite doubts in these women, in any case. So it is smarter to not burn through their time and yours.

Certainly abstain from essentially saying “Hey” in a first message, it is very inconsiderate and rude. A prescribed method to be immediate is this “Hello, my name is John, may I be able to know you better?”

We know, the thought of sliding into a stranger’s DMs can be alarming. What’s more, the dread of rejection may be keeping you away from simply putting it all on the line. However, in the event that you never attempt, you’ll never know, and you would prefer not to be left with any second thoughts. Also, they could be your soulmate. You both could simply be the next Banky W and Adesua Etomi!

2. Pose questions

In case you’re not on a dating app and are simply sliding into someone’s DMs via online media, at that point the best first message to send is one that remarks or poses a question about something explicit on their profile. For instance, on the off chance that they’ve tweeted about a specific TV show, ask them an inquiry about it. Or then again in the event that they’ve posted an Insta pic of a music artiste they’ve found in show, request their #1 song of the artiste.

3. Avoid Using Abbreviations

Abbreviations are old school, don’t slide into an individual’s DM shortening your words, that is a major mood killer. Notwithstanding your expectation of sending the message, type in full and be keen about it.

4. Don’t over-do it

Don’t over do it-act naturally, act calm and don’t attempt to intrigue or you may wind up doing the most which could be a mood killer. Keep it straightforward… or on the other hand you may lose that individual at a ‘hi.’

5. Be prepared for any outcome

Recall that there is no assurance the individual sees your message and reacts to it, and they don’t owe you their consideration. Be set up to proceed onward in the event that it doesn’t work out with this specific individual. Try not to keep troubling them and getting disturbed about their not answering, it is not attractive.

6. Try not to give them praises straight away

It is fine to make a little compliment about their looks or anything that you saw on their profile. Nonetheless, you will possibly appear to be tenacious and frantic on the off chance that you begin giving them numerous praises. Additionally, don’t tragically admire their appearance excessively much. They can think you are shallow and like them just for their wonderful face or body.

7. Try not to send messages when they are not reacting

We have all had this one individual who continually sends “hello” messages and isn’t irritated by you not answering. This won’t make your squash need to answer and is simply going to put them off considerably further. All in all, if you notice there is no connection, you ought to acknowledge it and proceed onward.

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See Celebrities Who Joined Simi’s Challenge #NobodyLikeWoman




Nigerian singer and songwriter Simi has successfully gotten many celebrities on her trending social media challenge #NobodyLikeWoman. Simi’s challenge involves women to share degrading words that people say to them.

The challenge includes these female celebrities sharing black and white photos of themselves with stereotypic statements constantly thrown at them.

Since the challenge started, many individuals, particularly female celebrities have carried on with it. From Adesua Etomi, Tonto Dikeh, Toolz, Annie Idibia and many more.

According to Punch Newspaper in an interview with Simi on Thursday, she started the challenge to help women confront the things that have been said to demean them.

See celebrities who have joined the challenge #NobodyLikeWoman




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Adebola Williams Celebrates Goddaughters on International Day of the Girl Child With New Book “African Power Girls”





Media entrepreneur Adebola Williams has released a new book titled “African Power Girls” on International Day of the Girl Child to celebrate his Goddaughters Elaina Acha, Farrah Lewis and Grace Amure.

Debola as he’s popularly called made the announcement on social media alongside the book’s cover and a #MondayMorningMotivation caption that read;

#MondayMusings About four years ago I was looking to gift my Goddaughters a book on great African women.
I wanted a storybook that I could read to them seeding greatness, breaking stereotypes the world will force on them even before they became aware of it. I wanted them to know they came from a line of women who didn’t need permission to take space and Become. I searched desperately from Lagos to Johannesburg with no luck so I wrote one @africanpowergirls!
Happy International Day of the Girl Child friends!!!
Today say a kind word of power to a girl child, make a commitment to fund girl child education, agree to that request from a group that’s focused on building up girls. Share our cover and use this message to remind our girls they have power just like those before them. Book your copies of #AfricanPowerGirls (AfricanPowerGirls AT ) and receive the first copies next week. Follow @africanpowergirls for all the announcements.
Invest in a girl today!
And if you can’t find that service you need, create it yourself! Many books are waiting to be written, ideas to be manifested. Don’t wait four years like me, do it now!
#MondayMorningMotivation. Thanks, @johneejay for the brilliantly done illustrations.

Debola also shared a statement to his goddaughters.



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